• Help for Heroes Bridge Drive record turnout

    The Tamesis Bridge Group held their annual charity drive in aid of Help the Heroes on Sunday 12th November.
    They mustered 13 tables with 52 players.
    They had an excellent raffle with prizes donated by players and non players.
    After all expenses the net total was £791.00 for the charity.
    This all took into account our their reputation for, always, giving really good prizes and a classy tea – also provided by the members.
  • Mason Brothers win the Trowlock Trophy 2017

    Peter and Richard Mason sailing Bambusa were convincing winners of the Trowlock Trophy last Sunday 5th November.  The fleet of 18 boats enjoyed a pleasant sunny northwesterly – the course set downstream with the bottom mark being set at the lower end of Trowlock Island.  This year there was a single race in the morning followed by lunch and the prize giving.  Classes included Merlins, Lasers, Fireflies, National 18s, Wayfarers, Albacores, and Toppers. OOD John Storey was ably assisted by Paul Jamieson, Jenny Finlayson, in the box and Robin Lince and Jim Hamilton in the patrol boat. Commodore Carolyne Vines presented the prizes. 1st Merlin Bambusa – Peter and Richard Mason 2nd Wayfarer 9135 – Alan Hall and Garry Mallen 3rd Merlin Passing Cloud – Richard Harris and Emma Macdonald 4th Albacore Cobblers – David Baker and Jim Green 5th Merlin Sublime – Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts 6th Laser Road of Bones – Kaan Yargici 7th Laser Grebe – Stewart Colley 8th Nat 18′ Genevieve – Charles Fox and Robert Blakeborough 9th Laser Zhik – Peter Johnson 10th Nat 18′ Orion – Alan Green and Peter Konidaris 11th Merlin Precious – John Adams and Brian Corking 12th Merlin Shoestring – Tim and Ed Medcalfe 13th Merlin Omega – Rupert Fletcher and James Berry 14th Laser Buzz – Leonardo Forchini 15th Topper  37597 – Cherry Ehrlich 16th Merlin Hispanola – Johannes Wagner and Linda Redding 17th Merlin Avenger – Ken Duffel and Matthew Valentine  
  • Annual Visit of RNLI stall

    The RNLI ladies made their annual visit to the club on Sunday 29th October, bringing their copious supply of goodies and Christmas cards.  We spent £515.10 on the stall.  This includes the donation from the racers on the day of £65.  Thank you ladies and thank you to all the members who bought from the stall.    
  • Ladies Night a great success

    The guests – photo Stewart Colley
    The team – photo Sue Yargici
    The chefs – photo Sue Yargici
    Thirty six​ ladies enjoyed a superb evening on 29th October ​co-ordinated by Alan Green,
    ​with a supporting cast of ten gentlemen (front of house team in black ties, chefs in whites)​
    and two​ young ladies Hannah and Chloe in the bar​ and kitchen.​
    We had a beautiful meal​ planned and arranged by Steve Katz and cooked by ​head ​chef Peter Mason
    ​with ​sous chefs Peter Johnson and Paul Jamieson.  We were ​diligently​ waited on by Charles Fox, Stewart Colley, Chris Pollard, Jim Green, Colin Stokes, John Harris​, John Adams and Alan Green.​
    David Baker made sure the bar was well supplied.  John Harris compered ​a challenging​ table quiz provided by son Richard
    ​ ​
    Chris Pollard ​serenaded us with guitar​ and song, and Colin Stokes ​set us charade questions that brought out drawing talent we never knew we had!
    ​What a talented membership.
    All round an excellent evening – ladies, make a note of the date for next year’s event (to be announced shortly).​
    ​My thanks to all concerned.​
  • Osprey wins Yates Cup and Braganza Bowl in 2017

    Start of the Yates Cup on Saturday 14th Oct Commodore Carolyne Vines presents the Braganza Bowl to the crew of Osprey (left to right) Graham Bartholomew,  helm Paul Browning, and Matt Hanaby. Photo Robin Lince Osprey, Rater number 16 sailed by Paul Browning, Graham Bartholomew and Matt Hanaby from Thames SC won both the Yates Cup and the Braganza Bowl at the two day open meeting for Raters on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October. The meeting attracted eight entries.  On Saturday it was sailed in a light SW wind and the fleet was sent above Stevens Ait  by Race Officer Peter Fryer. The second race for the Yates Cup was won convincingly by Osprey. On Sunday, Race Officer David Jerram did the same.  The days first race was sailed in very light airs, but by the third race started at 2pm, the wind had got up considerably and provided a good sail and spectacle for the onlookers. Results: Yates Cup 1st Osprey Paul Browning, Graham Bartholomew and Matt Hanaby  Thames SC 2nd Atlantis Ted Cocker, Chris Martin and Carolyn Munday   Thames SC 3rd Strait Dealer Dicken Maclean, Tim Andrews and Hermione Stanley   Thames SC Braganza Bowl 1st Osprey Paul Browning, Graham Bartholomew and Matt Hanaby   Thames SC 2nd Vagabond Miles Palmer, Mark Heather and Nick Fribbins   Thames SC 3rd Strait Dealer Dicken Maclean, Tim Andrews and Hermione Stanley   Thames SC Several competitors and Tamesis members enjoyed a delicious meal on Saturday night, cooked by Hannah Finney with assistance from James. The racing was organised by Peter Fryer, Richard Robinson, Simon Craig and Brian Timbrell  on Saturday and David Jerram, Andrew Forbes, Robin Lince, Neville  Upton and Cherry Ehrlich on Sunday  
  • Andrew Harris wins Trafalgar Trophy

    The Trafalgar Trophy, a picture of the Battle of Trafalgar, was won by Andrew Harris and David Solomon sailing Merlin Rocket (3723) 50 Shades on Sunday 22 October. The seven competing boats were battered by the remains of storm Brian as they raced round a modest course near the Clubhouse with an awkward SE-NW dogleg adding to the challenge. Fortunately, there was only one capsize, and two boats retired before the end of this inter-class pursuit race. Results: 1 50 Shades (MR 3723) Andrew Harris & David Solomon; 2 Cobblers (Albacore 6813) David Baker & Jim Green; 3 Phew (Laser 178209) Henry Defries. Carolyne Vines was Race Officer and was assisted by Jenny Finlayson and Leonie Steer. The patrol boats were operated by Simon Craig, Rupert Fletcher, Chris Pollard and Daniel Gerber. Commodore Carolyne Vines presents the trophy to Andrew and David
  • For sale: New Design Ultra National 18 / 401 “Hurricane”

    Contact: Jeremy Vines +44 (0) 7931 672020 jeremy@picklecorner.co.uk Oliver Houseman +44 (0) 7951 046 022 o.houseman@sky.com
  • Marcus Chavasse wins Laser Barometer

    Tamesis Club’s annual Laser open meeting on Sunday 1 October was won by Marcus Chavasse in Laser 197213 with a second and two firsts in the best two out of three races in an 11 boat fleet. Andrew Harris was second in 132359, counting a third and second. Third was Alistair Banks, from Minima YC, in 44761, with a fourth and a third. There were also other visitors from Lensbury and Minima. Race Officer Peter Mason sent the first race on a six lap course to a Canbury mark upstream from Steven’s Eyot, with the downstream mark a short distance below the upriver side of Trowlock Island. The south westerly wind was moderate in strength but became stronger and gusty in the afternoon, causing several capsizes. Peter Mason was assisted in the starting box by Joe Woods, and the safety boat was operated by Chris Balmbro and Ken Duffell. Lunch was cooked by Joe Carstens, assisted by Laura. Prizes were presented by Vice Commodore Alan Green, who also supervised the entries.
  • 60 members enjoy Commodore’s BBQ

    More than 60 Tamesis members attended the Commodore’s barbecue on Sunday 17 September. Bosun Paul Jamieson was the principal chef and roasted a selection of chicken, sausages and beefburgers, helped by his wife, Sara, who handed out the plates and knives and forks, and Beatrice Russ. The weather was kind, with warm sunshine replacing the few short showers of the morning. Everyone was offered a Pimms or first free drink at the club bar by Commodore Carolyne Vines and strawberries were offered by Jo Carstens to all those who had room left for pudding. Jo Carstens also bought and prepared the food for the barbecue. Cadet sailing continued well into the afternoon completing another great day at Tamesis. Paul Jamieson serves members in the queue Dave Baker was the first to be served
  • A cold and windy Tamesis Autumn Regatta

    21 boats took part in three closely contested races at the Tamesis Autumn Regatta on Sunday 10 September. It started warmer but soon clouded over and turned into a cold, windy day and the gusty north easterly wind caused many capsizes especially among the nine Lasers. The Merlin Cup was won by Rob Wilder and Tom James in Flinkidink (1097), with two firsts and a third. Joe McLaughlin and Sean Roberts were second in Sublime (1230), the only boat to risk a spinnaker, with two seconds and a first. Kaan Yargici sailed the winning Laser, Road of Bones (203911), in a nine strong fleet, scoring two firsts and a third. Constantin Gerber was second in Laser(135387) with two seconds and a fourth in the three races. The Handicap class went to Dave Baker, Bobert Blakeborough and Jim Green in Cobblers, Albacore (6813), with a third and two firsts. Two visiting Enterprises from Minima YC, Alana, (21439) sailed by Alex and David Cane, and Regent (22655) sailed by Richard Shillin and Keith Black, were second and third. Race Officer Jon Redding was assisted by Adrian and Sally Wawick-Haller and the safety boats were operated by Graham King and John Storey. Sailing Secretary Brian Timbrell took the entries and Commodore Carolyne Vines presented the prizes. John and Zoe Adams worked out the handicap places. The catering was supervised by Jo Carstens and Anna Finney. Carolyne Vines presents the Merlin Cup to Rob wilder and Tom James.